FIT Program

With the new Ontario Power Authority’s FIT (Feed In Tariff) program, more contractors are installing solar PV systems than ever. EcoSunPV  solar panels and system components are eligible for the FIT and MicroFIT program.  To ensure you are installing a reliable photovoltaic system, make sure the panels you are using are:

  1. Tested and Certified for North American Standards -UL/c-1703-1
  2. Warrantied by the Manufacturer.  EcoSunPV panels warrantied:
    • 25 years at 80% of rated output
    • 10 years at 90% of rated output
    • 10 years frame to frame on material and workmanship
  3. Income insured:
    • Users of EcoSunPV panels are insured against income loss due to under-performance of the panels with Chubb Insurance

EcoSunPV panels offer all of the above at a highly competitive pricing structure, making the return on investment in the FIT program even more lucrative for homeowners and businesses.  For a comprehensive overview of the Ontario Power Authority’s FIT Program click here